Social procurement

Social procurement is a strategic approach to the delivery of organisational objectives. It is also the greatest untapped tool for social impact, with the potential to lever billions of procurement dollars to deliver social benefit.

When buyers use their purchasing power to achieve social outcomes beyond the products and services they require, they are undertaking social procurement. The social outcome is usually generated through the production or delivery process associated with the contract and includes job creation (such as for homeless, public housing tenants, the unemployed, people with disabilities indigenous Australians, refugees, locals etc.) but can deliver broader benefits.

Social procurement is a key plank in the development of social enterprise because it recognises and places value on the benefits that social enterprises provide, in so doing it increases the amount of work available to social enterprises. 

The simple addition of social clauses into procurement contracts can deliver huge benefits to individuals and communities. Social Traders is taking a lead role in raising awareness of procurement officers and creating a network of social procurers. This work is instrumental in the development of social enterprise, as even a single major contract can deliver immense social benefits and job creation.

We have seen extraordinary impacts in communities where buyers of goods and services have let contracts to social enterprises. The value created through social procurement is demonstrably greater than traditional procurement. Championed by corporate, local and state governments, social procurement activity is rapidly growing across the country.

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