Breakfast Connect Series

Breakfast Connect Series

The fourth business breakfast was held on 10 July 2012 and was focused on making more, better decisions faster.   Some of the take home messages from Jason were:

  • When deciding between two options, one of which is reversible, choose the reversible option
  • If you have two or three choices, flip a coin!
  • When making a decision, start with where you want to get to and work backwards. Think, "What decisions do I need to make to get to where do I want to go?"
  • Take advice from those who can afford to be wrong!

Jason Clarke's presentation is available to view below.


Who are are these sessions designed for?  Individuals working in enterprising NFPs, social enterprises, social businesses, socially responsible companies, along with investors and budding social entrepreneurs.

Past Business Breakfasts

The first of the Series 'Business Innovation: Step by Step' was held on 30 August in Melbourne.   Attendees were able to discover the key ingredients to the innovative culture, where to find them, how to mix with them and how to keep them fresh. 

Here is a video snapshot of Jason in action at the innovative breakfast. 

The second business breakfast was on the topic of 'Problem Solving to Energise Your Business' and was held on 13 December, 2011 in Melbourne. 

The third business breakfast was on the topic of "Getting Past No - Improving Organisational Culture" was held on 4 April 2012. 

The fourth business breakfast on Make or Break Decisions was held on 10 July 2012.


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