July 2011

Are you a social enterprise that received DEEWR funding that could benefit from specialist business support?

The National Social Enterprise Development Support (NSEDS) project provides tailored business support and expert advice until June 30 2012, at no cost to participationg DEEWR funded social enterprises.

UK Social Enterprise Data Report 2011

sourced from http://www.socialenterpriselive.com/section/se100/management/20110711/vibrant-sector-defies-downturn-powerful-growth
This is the second year that the RBS SE100 Index, created by SocialEnterpriselive.com in partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), has tracked the performance of social enterprises in the UK.

Together with RBS, Social Enterprise Live developed the SE100 Index to build intelligence about this exciting marketplace – and to put the facts and figures behind the powerful stories about businesses striving to make a real difference.

America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs: 2011 Winners

Businessweek.com readers voted a San Francisco print shop that hires recovering addicts and ex-offenders their top choice for America’s most promising social enterprise.

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Perpetual distributes $9.1m in funding, urges Not-For-Profits to be clearer on outcomes

Australia’s not-for-profits need to make a strong business case to attract funding, says Perpetual, which has announced $9.1 million in funding from its discretionary trusts.

Social Traders welcomes a new staff member

Lisa Boothby will be joining the Social Traders team from 11 July. Lisa will be working with Libby Ward-Christie, Manager of Investment and Growth as The Crunch Project Manager.

Social enterprise opportunity in Ashwood - CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST

Port Phillip Housing Association (PPHA), a not-for-profit community housing organisation, is currently building the Ashwood Chadstone Gateway Project (ACGP), part of which will deliver 239 private and community homes across two sites in Power Avenue and Elliot Street, Ashwood.

PPHA is seeking Expressions of Interest from social enterprises to fit-out and operate a business on the ground floor of the Elliot Street building. Businesses that can offer training and employment to locals will be considered favourably. Rent negotiable.

Final Report on the Scoping Study for a National Not For Profit (NFP) Regulator

The Assistant Treasurer has released the Final Report on the scoping study for a national NFP regulator.

During the 2010 election campaign the Government outlined its commitment to reform Australia's NFP sector to deliver smarter regulation, reduce red tape and improve the transparency and accountability of the sector.

Better Targeting of Not-For-Profit Tax Concessions - Consultation Paper Submission

Social Traders' submission on the Government’s Consultation Paper raises concern regarding potential unintended consequences of proposals being considered that will reduce the extent to which NFP’s undertake commercial activities as a means to supplement their income.

UK Co-operative economy outperforms the wider UK economy

The co-operative sector has significantly outperformed the wider UK economy according to new figures just released. The combined turnover of all UK co-operatives grew by 4.4% last year to £33bn, and has grown by 21% since the start of the credit crunch in 2008.

The UK Co-operative Economy Report 2011, the latest annual analysis into the size and performance of the UK’s unlisted co-operative businesses, reveals that membership of co-operatives has increased with growth of 18% since 2008, to 12.8 million.