About Social Traders

We work to break the cycle of disadvantage through social enterprise.

As Australia’s leading social enterprise development organisation, we work to break the cycle of disadvantage and build resilience in Australian communities.  We believe business can do good and that social enterprise generates benefit by creating employment, providing access to services and strengthening local communities.  Using our expert knowledge and partnerships we help organisations of all shapes and sizes find better ways to achieve and contribute to sustainable social impact and change.

Social Traders was established in 2008 as an independent not for profit company limited by guarantee, jointly funded by the Dara Foundation and the Victorian State Government through the Community Support Fund. Based in Melbourne, we work with social enterprises nationally.  Social Traders has no religious or political affiliations.

Our vision is a world where the market is used to deliver sustainable social outcomes. We achieve this by empowering social enterprises to transform communities throughout Australia.

What We Do

  1. Grow the visibility, voice and value of social enterprise through advocacy, community recognition and research
  2. Build the pipeline of innovative and viable social enterprises through business skills and networking with hands-on development programs
  3. Invest appropriate capital and support in social enterprise and grow the investor community
  4. Open new markets by connecting government, corporate and consumer buyers with certified social enterprise