The Social Enterprise Finder

An online directory of over 5,000 Australian social enterprises, the Social Enterprise Finder connects buyers with social enterprises. The Finder enables consumers and procurement officers to easily locate and support businesses that benefit the community.

With the strategic power of purchasing becoming one of the most instrumental tools for delivering social change, Social Traders is creating new opportunities amongst buyers particularly, in local government and corporate sectors.

For social enterprise operators, The Finder is the gateway for entering the buyer markets that Social Traders is actively devloping in the consumer, corporate and government sectors. It is also a free resource for raising awareness and increasing sales.

Upon registration, social enterprises are certified, which verifies that they exist for a social purpose, they earn the majority of their income through trade and they reinvest the majority of their profit in their social mission.

Certified social enterprises may be entered onto the Finder and subsequently invited to become part of Social Traders’ supplier network.

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